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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the qualifications that your company is looking for in a franchisee?

You should be business-minded, goal-oriented person that is driven to succeed. Financial stability is vital and the franchisee should know how to build a relationship with his/her employees, as well as to the franchisor. Having an experience in running a business is a plus, but not required.

2. Who will train me and my staff?

We have a training team in charge of helping you and your employees attain the knowledge necessary to operate the business.

3. What is the ideal number of employees should I hire to run my store?

We suggest to start with two for cart, 3 for inline store. As your business progresses, you will be able to identify the need in manpower that your store requires.

4. Will you provide the location for me?

There are certain locations, mostly in malls, that we can provide to a franchisee. In these cases, due diligence is encouraged. If you will submit a proposed site, our team will inspect it for approval. What we advise is an area with high foot traffic and it should be accessible.

5. Do you have a flexible payment term?

Currently, we do not offer any payment schemes. We require franchisees to pay in full one month before the projected opening of the store. That is the grace period that we need for cart construction.

6. Do you provide opening assistance?

Yes, we do. We will send a representative on your first day to make sure that your business is running smoothly and to observe your employees and provide you feedback on the areas that your staff can further improve on.

7. When can I expect to recoup the money that I have invested?

There are several factors that affects the performance of any business. That being said, we cannot give any specific projection since it is really a case to case basis.

8. Do you provide after sales support?

We will conduct store audits and provide franchisees a report to make sure that the outlet is adhering to the standards of the company.


Franchise Inclusions

Use of trade name
Location Approval
  Opening Assistance
  Operations Manual
  Research and Development
  5,000Php worth of inventory supplies
  Franchise Term: 3 years