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RFC Sisig House - Food Cart Model

Sisig Rocks! Food Cart Model

RFC SISIG House - Home of the Original Sisig Recipe

Our sisig’s recipe is derived from where sisig is originated which is in Pampanga, wherein we carefully consider the spices and the texture of the ingredients to create our signature sisig taste.

We are the first sisig kiosk to expand from the usual chicken and pork menu, and extended two (2) of our best sellers in Boracay, which is Tuna Sisig and Tofu Sisig. 

One of our best kept secret which gives our SISIG a different flavor is that our sisig are smoked and not deep fried.  The “charcoal-smoked” taste of our SISIG differentiates us from the rest.

And now, in the convenience of a mall, we would like to offer our Sisig-to-Go.  The operations will be very simple as we do all the cooking in our commissary and would only microwave the sisig on site.

You haven’t tasted the best SISIG until you tasted ours.


Price: Php 300,000 (cart)


Continuation Fee: Php 3,000


Franchise Inclusions

  Standard Mall-type Cart
  Equipment and Utensils
  Use of trade name
  Site Approval
  Initial Inventory worth P5,000
  Procurement Program
  Marketing Assistance
  Opening Day Support
  Research and Development
  Franchise Term: 3 years